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Cinncere is a Recording Artist Based out of New York City.
He grew up in a single parent home with his two brothers and his mother who was physically disabled.  Born and raised in Coney Island and the East NY sections of Brooklyn, New York, life was hard. But his mother instilled in him from a young age that all things are possible. “Growing up, I watched how my mom never let her inability to walk stop her from taking care of us, working, and moving towards a better life. Her faith kept us strong as she did it with little to no help from family and friends.” Cinncere began singing at the tender age of 10 while Growing up in the inner city. There he learned to be an innovative person which in tell, led him into becoming an innovative Artist. Cinncere’s creative abitlity towards Music has helped him to hone his skills. He would take hit songs and rewrite them with his own lyrics and then perform them at family gatherings. Eventually Cinncere became more serious about music and began to write, produce, sing & perform His own songs. Currently he has recorded his new album which includes ten songs which belong to the Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B music genre.  He has performed in various shows in New York City and abroad. This includes places and events like Planet Hollywood, Brooklyn College, CCC Summer Jam, TCS Marathon, Clef Club in Philadelphia, and Webster Hall to name a few. Currently he has recorded his new Album: Love, Righteousness, Heartbreak and Love. This Album: Love, Righteousness, Heartbreak and Love includes ten songs which belong to the Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B music genre.



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New York, NY, USA

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Coming Soon!!! Vamplife Reocords, FOM Music Group, Empire Records